Accessory Fanatic: Fun, Fearless, and Fashionable

Miami, FL – Inspired to empower women through fashion, Stephanie Nickolich, CEO of Accessory Fanatic, has recently launched her newest venture The Stylist Program as a part of her online accessory empire developed on the foundation of creating sexy success.“I wanted to create a community where women could come together to embrace each other for their unique gifts and talents. I wanted the philosophy of the stylist program to be built on sisterhood and teamwork, something that I believe in 100%,”Stephanie describes. The Stylist Online Program is designed not only to provide fun, flexible careers to fashionistas worldwide but to offer them an opportunity to step into a space and own their world.Success is sexy!

Tiered with five positions, The Stylist Program offers a variety of opportunities including The Fearless Fashionista, The Rockstar Business Builder, The Senior Stylist, The Divine Leader and The Rockstar Rebel. “Women that feel good about themselves create more success and happiness and it’s a ripple effect. My intentions are to put their confidence in motion while holding their hands down a path that may otherwise be uncomfortable. It’s really a transformational experience,” Nickolich explains.

With the unique array of positions, The Stylist Program was created to, first and foremost, create confidence, community, and women’s empowerment through a thriving network of beautiful individuals with a common interest…fashion. Opportunities to engage in styling through social media or person-to-person are available, Stephanie further explains, “I want to have women in my inner circle that believe in the power of positive influence, that understand that by lending a hand to lift each other higher, we all benefit. I want women to look at our business like it gave them a new opportunity to enjoy life, have fun and create limitless success.”

For more information on The Accessory Fanatic Stylist Program visit or e-mail . Fashionistas around the world are invited to join Stephanie on her mission to style life by engaging in the hashtag #StyleYourLife on Twitter.

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