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Qormi, Malta, January 30, 2014 - Looking for more information on co-branded credit card programs? Have any doubts about whether or not this payment system can help boost your company’s sales and customer satisfaction quotient? Trust Wire Prepay to have all the answers for you! The most trusted name in this industry is here with yet another informative release for its customers and followers. Visit to learn how co-branded credit card programs can help your business grow and prosper.

The world of customized credit cards and integrated payment platforms for business is riddled with competition and service providers that might not be able to function up to the mark.  But if you have a company such as Wire Prepay on your side, it is guaranteed that you requirements will be met in the best and most hassle free way. Affordability and reliability are the qualities this company is best known for.

“Finding reliable financial services especially for the key financial purposes in life can be a hard job especially when the financial market is full of so much diversity. Most clients require multiple benefits like cost-savings, marketing opportunities and expanding their customer base whenever they reach out to financial providers like us. Most importantly, they look f or reliability, affordability and quality of services, something we strive to provide day and night. Specializing in providing financial services to a variety of parties including public/private businesses and individuals, we offer the following services and a lot more - Increase brand recognition and reliability, Access to new market segments, Access to an efficient global payment system, Effective replacements for checks/cash/vouchers and Safety and security in payment and transaction modes. Visit our website to learn more about all of this!” explains the owner of Wire Prepay and the website

You can always log on to the company’s website for more data and advice as to how you can integrate co-branded credit cards into your business model and how that will be beneficial for you. Make sure you give it all a good read.

 For more information about the company or to browse through the many co-branded credit card programs that they offer, please visit the website

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WirePrepay provides prepaid debit cards and local bank transfers payment processing platform to financial institutions, private and public companies. The company is authorized to provide payment processing services, third party transactions processing, money transfer, prepaid cards and e-wallet services, maintains Visa program manager and MasterCard Special Issuing Approval Status.

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