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Gives handy information to users about the program

Minato, Japan 07/01/2014 :Health Internetwork has offered Adonis Golden Ratio Review to make things clearer to those who want to follow the program.

Adonis Golden Ratio is a book based on studies of John Barban, who is a fitness expert with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in human biology and nutrition. His approach to the study was mostly physiological. He takes into account the fact that people often look at others and gauge them based on their appearances. Hence whether one likes it or not, physical appearances matter.

John went on to study classic attractive shapes and has come up with a mathematical formula that can tell people the best shape and conditioning for their bodies. According to him, the ratio between shoulder and waist is important in defining attractiveness of a man’s physique and that’s taken into consideration while creating this program. 

Quite simply, the Adonis Index is what is used to calculate one’s ideal size while ideal AI ratio is the proportional measurement of shoulder circumference to waist circumference. Knowing these important facts, people can start with their training to ensure that they get to their attractive physiques. Add to that there’s the Adonis Index community that offers answers to questions and doubts one might have about the program. 

The twelve week program has been designed keeping one’s measurements and goals in mind. Thus it ends up giving people highly personalized results. What’s more, it has different sections for Nutrition and Training information that make things simple for users. They can find out more about the program through the review and get started at the earliest. 

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