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United States, 23rd June 2014 - For a period of more than 60 years, Sturdy Gun Safe has been the leader in manufacturing and selling the best quality fireproof gun safes in the United States. The company also offers repairing service for gun safes from all major brands. As a matter of fact Sturdy Gun Safe are the leading suppliers of fireproof gun safe to government and law enforcement agencies including the Department of Justice, Police Department and Police Academy, Sheriff’s departments and many others like those. These safes are 100% made in America and are perfectly built to provide their owners complete protection of their firearms against fire for more than a lifetime.

The factor that makes Sturdy Gun Safe the primary choice for the best quality fire gun safe and vault doors in the USA is the availability of an extraordinary range of steel fire gun safes against extraordinarily competitive prices. These safes manufactured by Sturdy Gun Safe are not only completely fireproof but they are also equipped with a number of advanced security features like shear pins for providing your guns complete protection from burglary or any other kind of unauthorized access. Compared to quality gun safes manufactured by other companies Sturdy gun safes always offer lower pricing and this has been their unique selling proposition since they started manufacturing and selling gun safes more than 60 years ago.

Understanding the fact that any commercial gun safe must be designed in a way that they can take abuses and will still last for generations and that is the reason that these safes are all made with high quality thick steel and also have safe linkage to better withstand abuses. A variety of fireproof gun safe models are now available at the company website and many of these models also come with advanced feature such as fire indicators and insulators. All safes those are available at the company website have passed through stringent security and durability checks.

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About Sturdy Gun Safe:

Sturdy Gun Safe is one of the best commercial gun and fire safe manufacturers in the USA. Family owned and operated company for nearly 60 years in Fresno, CA. They offer high-end and durable American made gun safes, fireproof safes, vault doors and more.

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Street Address: 2030 S. Sarah Fresno, California 93721

Phone Number: 800-262-0023