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Is your company ready for a lawsuit?
John Dodson never saw it coming. His company was doing well, his customers happy, and his employees contented. But when hit with a $120 Million dollar lawsuit by the EOA, he was stunned - and within days his business had been shut down.

"We thought we had prepared for any disaster - hurricane, flood, fire, even terrorist attack. "But", lamented Dodson, "We never imagined the amount of damage a lawsuit could cause. Within days it put us out of business."

Last year, one out of three businesses had a lawsuit filed against them. Most were unprepared for the potential disruption the suit caused. But a new service has been established by Advanced Legal Protection to come to the immediate aid and assistance of small businesses within hours of a lawsuit being filed against them.

According to Dave Row, one of the founders of ALP, "Often, the very best defense against any lawsuit is an immediate and strong reaction. In many cases, the plaintiff is hoping for an easy settlement, but when they see you are bringing in the big guns to fight it out, they will often fold their cards."

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