“18 Cans A Day Almost Killed Him”: How One Man’s Self-Empowered Journey to Recovery Can Help People in their Own Battle Against Alcohol

Gary Lea, a long time resident of the town of Wigan in the United Kingdom, has decided to share to the world the revolutionary program he himself devised and formulated over the years to get over and eventually conquer his life-long addiction to alcohol.

Lea authored the book Alcohol Addiction Killer, now available through online outlets as well as on his personal website, which you can visit through, an extensive text which features the seven steps he took to get through his own skirmish with the bottle.

The book features many tips derived from Lea’s own experience, including techniques that is thought to curb one’s addiction faster than any other method available for use in the current mainstream market. It also talks about willing yourself and strengthening your own self into quitting alcohol. The book also features guides to alternative therapies available, enjoying life without alcohol as well as the different foods and produce needed to help you cut on your can consumption.

The book is based on Lea’s own struggle with alcohol. The author revealed how he woke up every single day and couldn’t resist the urge to go to the nearest supermarket or grocery to get his daily alcohol fix. What started out as four cans a day, he said, eventually turned into six, eight, then at his most frenzied peak, a staggering 18 cans a day – a feat that gave him a vast array of liver and other health problems that threatened to end his life.

His ultimate wake-up call came in 2009, when he was diagnosed with hepatitis and was on his fourth stay in the hospital, that he decided to fight through his addiction, and this changed his life forever.

Now, Lea is endeavouring to reach out to other who are suffering the fate he once took on and hopes to help other get out of their proverbial cage and acquire a second lease on life.