EXAIR Cabinet Cooler® Systems Provide Effective, Quiet, NEMA Rated Protection for Your Sensitive Electronics

Although electronic controls and breaker panels in a factory are subject to heat and dust damage during any time of the year, the potential is especially high during the hot summer months. Overheated electronics can lead to erroneous readings, trip-outs and fried circuit boards in your control cabinet. Any of these failures can bring production to a screeching halt! To ensure that this situation doesn't occur in your factory, install a compressed air powered Cabinet Cooler® System from EXAIR Corporation.

EXAIR's Cabinet Coolers incorporate a vortex tube to convert standard compressed air into a cold, dry, dust-free stream of cooling air for control panels and circuit boards. The compact Cabinet Coolers mount easily through a standard electrical knockout. The vortex tube component of the Cabinet Cooler is constructed of stainless steel to provide wear, corrosion and oxidation resistance. NEMA 12, 4, and 4X (IP54 and 66) Cabinet Coolers are available to match the NEMA rating of the enclosure. All Cabinet Coolers are UL Listed and CE compliant. High Temperature, Non-Hazardous Purge, and Type 316 Cabinet Coolers are also available from stock. Order a Cabinet Cooler by July 31, 2014 and you will also receive a complimentary AC Sensor ($49 value).