Pearson Airport Security Confiscates Grandma's Strawberry Jam for 10-year Old

San Francisco, CA - On Tuesday, December 31st, Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) agents confiscated strawberry jam - a gift from his grandmother - that a 10-year old boy was carrying from Toronto to San Francisco. Agents said the homemade jam represented a security threat.

Lawson Howard, 10, of Alameda, California, was travelling back to California with his father, David Howard, after a holiday season visit to David Howard's parents. Before he headed to the airport, Lawson's grandmother had given him a jar of strawberry jam that she had canned earlier in 2013.

"I love my Grandma's jam, it's just so delicious," Lawson said.

However, CATSA agents - even as the Transportation Security Administration in the U.S. relaxes rules - said the jam jar violated size limits, and represented a security threat, and could not be taken on the airplane.

"It's just one more example of pure security silliness, taking grandma's jam from a 10-year old," said Lawson's father, David. "The crazy thing is that, if they really believed these containers they confiscate held dangerous materials, and if they really wanted to catch the bad guys, rather than hurt innocent people, they'd test every container they confiscate, and trace it back to the person that tried to take it on board, but they don't."

David Howard noted that his 76 year-old mother was upset over the loss of the gift as well. He recorded the CATSA agent's badge number and will be following up with the authority.