Old World AquaFarmTM system allows the average homeowner to grow their own food in the backyard

Old World AquaFarmTM has developed a climate controlled self cleaning system which allows the average homeowner to grow their own food in the backyard. The system is portable. By adding new techniques the system can grow root vegetables such as potatoes, beets, onions, turnips, and any other food you can grow in a traditional garden. The system also can grow fish, shrimp. and crabs at the same time. We re-use the same water over and over again. No chemicals, weeding, filter cleaning, or fertilizer is required. Imagine an hour a day in your own backyard grocery store. You can even grow peanuts. We are the only AquaFarm System that can grow both above and below ground vegetables, trees, fruits, etc. The system can grow ten times the food, in one tenth of the water. 30-50 pounds of aquatic animals in 500 gallons of water

What is AquaFarming?


1.       Lets talk about food

a.       Plants provide food for all of us

b.       The distance a plant travels is called “food miles”

c.       Farms are moving further away from cities

1.       Why? Cheaper land, Less regulation, More water, Etc.

d.       More chemicals are added to increase the harvest

e.       Drought, pests, food miles, & chemicals increase food cost

f.       Nutrition is decreased by early picking so food can travel to market before it is ripe

g.       One ear of corn provides enough seed to feed 500 people for a day

h.       Two laundry baskets of corn would feed 500 people for a year

i.        Time: It takes an hour to go to the grocery store & a minute to go to the backyard

1.       Which is more convenient? Which food is better for you? Which one costs less?

j.        What about fish?

1.       Overfishing, pollution, oil spills, dumped waste products, Sounds tasty huh?

2.       Aquaculture: Raising fish on a farm.

A.       Filters clogging up, lots of maintenance, Less fish growing per acre

3.       Hydroponics: growing plants without soil

A.       No root type plants, Potatoes, carrots, beets, turnips, peanuts, etc.

B.       Must supplement with fertilizer and other chemicals

4.       Aquaponics: The combination of Aquaculture and Hydroponics

A.       No root type plants, That is ok if you only eat salad.

B.       No longer need fertilizer and other chemicals

5.       AquaFarming: The combination of traditional farming and Aquaponics

A.       You can grow anything and no need for fertilizer, weeding, or watering

B.       Pick food when ripe, eat fresh organic food, Raise fish, shrimp, crabs, etc.

C.       You will know what is in your food and will taste the healthy difference


The Old World AquaFarm Pro 200 Planting System is a food growing system for families. It can be modified to feed as many people as you want. This System feeds between 4-6 people for a year at about $200.00 per year for fish and seed. Most families spend about $400.00 per month at the grocery store that is $4,800.00 per year. You can save thousands per year with this system. What about time? It takes an hour to go to the grocery store or Farmers market and a minute to walk into your backyard.


The Pro 200 System comes with two growing tanks 2'x10'x10", one Aquatic Animal Tank 6' in diameter and 350 gallons, Self cleaning filters, all plumbing and electrical hook ups, control box, 1200 Gallon per hour 120 vac pump and a 12 vdc backup 500 gph pump, The lumber for the legs and the shelf are not included but can be purchased locally. The battery box and battery are not included as they can be purchased locally.


You can grow potatoes, carrots, beets, turnips, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, beans, snow peas, radish, strawberries, and much more. You can turn this into a small business. As far as seafood is concerned, you can grow shrimp, fish, tilapia, bluegill, crappie, bass, catfish, trout, crabs, and more.


The AquaFarm Pro 200 System does not require watering, weeding, bending over, chemicals, fertilizer, hormones, steroids, pesticides to grow food. It is completely organic. It grows the healthiest and tastiest food in the world. Reduce the carbon footprint, reduce food miles, and reduce fuel usage.


Help me help you feed the world one family at a time. Remember, "Fresh is Best."


Old World AquaFarm is trademarked and Its products have patents pending. Watch videos on Facebook or You Tube. Or visit our website.