Quality Herb Rhodiola Rosea Extract Brings a Wealth of Health Benefits to Consumers

China - Quality Herb, a leading producer of herbal medicines, recently brought Rhodiola Rosea extract in packaged containers for their consumers. The owners said that they will put emphasis on rebranding Rhodiola Rosea extract, as many people around the world now have no idea about how beneficial the herb is and how it can actually become an answer for obesity, low energy and many other health and wellness issues.

The owners of Quality Herb said that Rhodiola Rosea extract can be highly effective in burning abdominal fat, increasing energy as well as athletic performance, reducing cortisol, and fighting mental depression.

They said that Rhodiola Rosea extract contains rosavin, which is known to have magical effects when it comes to belly fat burning. They added that if the herbal medicine is taken in conjunction with regular exercise following a particular regime, users can burn their belly fat even faster. Additionally, Rhodiola can increase red blood cells, which actually carry oxygen to the human body cells. This results in significant boost in the overall energy level of the user.

Also, the owners maintained that cortisol, which is a main contributing factor to hormonal imbalance, poor immunity and decreased memory, and thyroid issues.

“Rhodiola Rosea was also a staple herb for the Sherpas only a few years back, but the younger generation of Sherpas has seemingly forgotten the benefits of Rhodiola Rosea. In general, the world has forgotten this and many other natural herbs. We just want to rebrand this ancient herbal medicine so that present generation can get closer to the nature and derive all the benefits that Mother Nature offers to its children”, said a sales and marketing manager of Quality Herb.

The Quality Herb manager also explained that Rhodiola Rosea can be tremendously effective in fighting mental stress. “A whole lot of research has already been done on this. Several researchers are of an opinion that there’s more to this than just fighting stress. We, therefore, have planned to publish whitepapers and other sorts of marketing materials to make the information public”, he added.

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