This Week's Trend: Canvas Shoes!

Lightweight and breathable, canvas trainers are perfect for the Spring and Summer season! Their timeless style is versatile, and can be worn as a neutral or colourful accessory.  Don’t overlook this classic shoe that has come a long way to be in your contemporary urban wardrobe!

Canvas shoes with rubber soles have been mass produced since the early 19th century in Britain, but it was the Americans who popularized the model known as Keds in the late 1800’s. These shoes got the nickname “sneakers” because they were so quiet, a person wearing them could sneak up on someone! A few years later, Converse produced a canvas shoe made especially for playing basketball, and a fashion icon was born.  In the 1980’s, the Vans slip on canvas shoe with its famous checkboard pattern became popular among the the surf and skateboard generation, and remains so today. Hundreds of designer brands still use canvas today to create casual, comfortable and trendy shoes that have always been an affordable choice in designer footwear.

Canvas trainers range from the plain, white traditional trainer to brightly patterened high tops to colourful sneakers. If you want to incorporate canvas trainers into your wardrobe this season, try pairing them with your outfit for the best summer occasions:

Music festivals: Practical thanks to their laces and easily washable material, canvas shoes are perfect for walking and standing outside on a hot day. Worn with a pair of jean shorts and a fringe t-shirt, you’ll be center stage!

Barbecues and picnics:  When walking in grass and in playing outside, nothing beats a pair of lightweight canvas trainers. Worn with a cotton sundress or a playsuit, you’ll be cute and ready to party—because you’re not going to win that 3-legged sack race in your flip flops!

Shopping: Everyone wants to look cute when they are out with the girls for a day of clothes shopping. But walking for hours on tile or cement surfaces can be difficult in that super cute pair of high-heeled sandals you just bought! Match your canvas trainers, or plimsolls as they are also known, with  your floral mini shorts and crop top for a super trendy yet comfortable outfit that will keep you going all day long!

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