Rightway Solution Proudly Presents its Offshore Development Center (ODC)

Rightway Solution, Corp. ( is pleased to announce the launch of its Offshore Development Centers an edition to its Web, Mobile and E-commerce development services.

After 10+ years of delivering scalable & simplified IT-enabled products & services that automate client's business needs, the company has given a new face to their client servicing skills by answering to industry trends and client requirements once again.

To keep up with the 21st century requirements of small and medium sized companies, Rightway decided to offer them a group of talented developers and programmers who have been assembled in a team to work as an extension of the client's in-house team. The client may specify the infrastructure requirement that should be made available to the team, and in that way ensure that the ODC meets the same standards as their onshore counterparts, up to and including co-branding. The offshore development center can be set up for a 3 to 30 people team.

Thanks to its strong background in the web, mobile and e-commerce industry, Rightway can offer top quality ODC services for the companies in the following areas:

·         Web design and development

·         E-commerce covering any kind of e-commerce technologies

·         Product companies

·         QA and Support team for software and product companies

·         Mobile apps development companies

The proces is very simple starting with the so called „Build“ phase wherein Rightway does the setup for clients in their ready infrastructure, recruits the necessary talent quickly and then helps the client in setting up processes for the required functional area(s). Those can include HR, Project Management and Collaboration, Testing and Delivery.

The second part of the process is the operating part wherein Rightway's account manager constantly coordinates with client’s onsite managers for every aspect of ODC operation assuring everything is running smoothly and as per initial agreement. In this stage Rightway manages reporting, issue, general management, HR management and security for the client. Tokeep the client in the loop, company's account manager will make sure that developers are sending predefined report on a daily basis. Other management tasks will include handling day to day trouble shooting related to culture, communication, technical, infrastructure problems; shift management, training within team, facilitating and bridging gaps, as well as HR management operations that include leave management, retention of staff through innovative HR initiatives, payroll, appraisal, knowledge transfer and employee exit. Security will be set in place so thatprotection of intellectual property rights are secured at all times via highly secure infrastructure, tight security policy, practices and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with all employees.

In the third and final stage which comes into place at the end of mutually agreed duration, Rightway takes care of transfering the entire team, IP and process documents to the client's team.

For further information on how Rightway Solution can act as your extended off-shore team, send an inquiry at or call 1-347-979-7106.