2015 Best Business Book Seller List

Many of the tools that Affluent Wealth International uses to create its outstanding wealth education program come from a series of Business Books that have been on the Best Seller List many times.

Those very same Business Best Sellers that are in their 4th printing and will be released soon are golden when it comes to paving the way for business people to successfully start their businesses or for already solvent businesses to achieve incredible wealth.  Affluent Wealth International teaches the unspoken path to wealth to normal people, at their own pace and on their own schedule.

Some of the best, most groundbreaking books written on a variety of business topics that headed that Best Selling Book List will be here again soon.  Titles like: Business Road Map, The Brand and Me, Professional Negotiator, Mastering Business One and Two, Business First Aid among others.  Each of those books represent important business concepts mentioned in the title, knowledge obtained via the school of hard knocks.  The author made millions, lost them and made them again and his legacy is to try to keep other business people from making the same mistakes he made and to help make them profitable without losing their families or their minds in the process.  Some really happy readers who’ve profited greatly from these books: 

Mastering Business #1  

Great job on the powerful information this book contains. I have a Masters degree in business and this Mastering Business #1 took me to whole different level of business knowledge I never knew existed.  

Brent Forbes, Denver, CO 

Professional Negotiator

Professional Negotiator helped me negotiate a multi-million dollar contract I would not have gotten if I did not apply the principles I learned in this book.  I would recommend it to everyone I know.  It could be used so many different ways to help someone.  Jim Cook, Washington, DC

The Brand and Me

The Brand and Me book was bone chilling good.  I had no idea how to pick the right logo design with the right colors that would represent me the right way. This book made me money right out of the gate.  This is the best book I have ever read.  Sue Jacobs, San Francisco, CA

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