Trendsetting pop-metal band LADYBABY announces two new singles and music videos

Fashionable, Japanese kawaii-death band debuts new music along with elaborate, high-energy videos

Los Angeles, CA - March 17, 2016 -- Following the viral success of their 2015 release "Nippon Manju" which accumulated over 13 million views, the widely popular Japanese pop-metal band LADYBABY have announced the release of their new single and music video "Renge Chance." The track is accompanied by a trendsetting video that introduces the all-new concept of "Rametal" and incorporates the pop culture of Japanese "ramen" x "metal." LADYBABY is also surprising fans with the premiere of "C'est si bon Kibun" - an exclusive bonus song and accompanying video.

The official music videos for both singles can be viewed on the group’s official Youtube channel: "Renge Chance" and "C'est si bon Kibun" are also available on iTunes, Amazon and LADYBABY’s official website

Armed with the strong rocker vocals of Ladybeard and the more melodic sounds of bandmates, Rie Kaneko and Rei Kuromiya, LADYBABY’s eccentric stage costumes - designed by popular Japanese knit designer Rurumu - have also garnered much attention helping to catapult the band’s status. The BCozy product line features a collection of comfy, adult-sized animal-themed Kigurumi (onesies) including a Flying Squirrel, Dalmation, Pug, Cat, Kangaroo, Pink Bunny and Black Sheep. For more information on BCozy, please visit:

Like their customized fashion style, LADYBABY is known for setting the standard with their unique reinvention of the traditional J-pop sound. With the release of the "Renge Chance" and "C'est si bon Kibun" the trio continues to deliver an unforgettably exciting experience of revved up metal and "kawaii" ("cute"). The trio has performed worldwide including concerts in New York, Los Angeles, London and Germany.


J-pop has just been turned upside down, thanks to LADYBABY. A group that started in March 2015, LADYBABY is a Japanese idol group who sing and dance beyond the boundaries of national borders, gender, and all generations. Armed with an original genre they call "Kawaii Death" ("Cute Death"), which is a fusion of J-pop and death growls. The group mixes the sounds of Japanese pop music with heavy metal, but that alone is not what makes this group so unique. The typical J-pop group features several, or in some cases several dozen, "kawaii" ("cute") idols: costumed teenage girls who sing peppy music.

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