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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – 23rd May 2014 – Today’s internet or search engines value any contributions (basically blogs or content) made online within the first 24 hours. This activity is highly recognized by FanBox algorithms and rewards all those contributing members with the highest possible earnings within the first 24 hours also known as “The Freshness Period”. These blogs, ads, photos, videos and other contributions are not fresh anymore with each passing day but some of them still contribute in their own way. The value of these contributions might diminish but they are still bringing value to the community even after months or years.

FanBox still offers rewards to these members be it a week, month or a year after. These are known as Legacy Earnings which are nothing but residual earnings that the contributing FanBox members receive based on the value of their contributions to the community over a period of time. The idea behind this concept is to keep rewarding the contributors for whatever contributions that they have made in the past and that it made a difference then and is still continuing to do so even now. FanBox now provides opportunities for contributors to maximize their Legacy Earnings.

Firstly, members should focus on contributing quality content so that the same can still be of value after a few months or years to come. Secondly, contributors should also look at building network value which means that the larger the network, the higher are the shares and likes for the legacy posts as well as fresh posts. Thirdly, being a power user will allow the contributions get more views which will directly increase the value of these contributions. The contributors are entirely responsible for creating a long term income for themselves. They need to think more strategically on how to post high quality blogs and ads, how to increase the views and build a network that will forever benefit from the contributions.

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FanBox, based at San Diego California is a combination of some of the best attributes of popular sites such as Facebook, Blogger, PayPal, Etsy and many others. Apart from being a social media website it is also a blogging website that allows members to earn money from their contributions such as selling products or services, uploading blogs, photos or videos and many others.

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