A Healthy and Safe Commuting tool: Airwheel Q series

After years of independent research and development, Airwheel has mastered the core patent and technology of producing electric balancing scooter. The Airwheel products are firm in shape and safe to ride. The company now owns many national patents and international certificates. It is highly reputed in the industry of electric balancing scooter. Compared to other traditional means of transport, Airwheel is smaller and lighter for commuting. However, a host of beginners flinch in front of the X series—one wheel scooter and the Q series—twin-wheeled electric scooter comes.

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The distinguishing feature of all Q-Series Airwheel is their twin wheel system, providing easier balancing, especially for those unfamiliar with electric personal modes of transport, for more stability on irregular road surfaces. Airwheel twin-wheeled intelligent electric scooter is indispensable for protecting environment and keeping fitness. Therefore, it is worthy of your choice.

Airwheel scooter Q series is light-weighted and portable. It is absolutely an environmentally friendly commuting vehicle. Being small, it moves forward freely even in crowded streets. Being light, men or women can lift and carry it. What’s more, the soft, colourful cushions make this Series especially suited to a younger crowd who like to show off a little: interchangeable cushions allow you to choose the shade that best suits your mood every time before getting on board.

Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter is a brand of new and green commuting vehicles. People can ride it easily on even the most crowed and narrow roads. With its delicate figure, it carries you through any body-width space. Owning a scooter, you will never have to cram onto a bus or drive a car perturbed by the heavy traffic. With strong function, Airwheel Q series moves smoothly on any terrain.

Airwheel Q series enables riders of various levels, no matter the professional players or the green hands, to enjoy the excitement and happiness on it.

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