Ayurvedic Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction And Sexual Weakness In Men

Vajikaran is one of the eight important branches of ayurvedic system of holistic health. Vajikaran focuses exclusively on sexual virility and potency in men and in women. Specific herbs have been indicated in ayurveda, India’s ancient system of medicine, to improve sexual health by:

1. Increasing potency and virility

2. Improving quantity and quality of semen

3. Increasing libido, attaining erections and being able to last longer during coitus

Ayurvedic treatment for erectile dysfunction and sexual weakness problem in men relies on herbs as well as choice of herbs, minerals and bhasmas mixed in the right proportion. Sexual weakness and erectile dysfunctions have roots in weak semen producing capability of males, according to ayurveda. This improves when overall health improves and as such herbs chosen for vajikarana also include restoratives and rejuvenating agents.

In order to gain sexual health, overcome erectile dysfunction and sexual weakness, men must first

1. Detoxify their bodies,

2. Change lifestyles

3. Use the right ayurvedic herbal formulation.

The result is increased potency, good health, prolonged coitus and, therefore, enjoyment for both partners.

The best formulation for this condition is undoubtedly Booster capsule used in conjunction with Mast Mood Oil. Booster capsules and Mast Mood oils lead the pack of hundreds of similar formulations due to their unique composition formulated after years of research and trials. The main herbal ingredients of sexual power Booster capsules and their functions are:

1. Ashwagandha: a tonic, aphrodisiac and restorative that also works on relieving stress

2. Kavach beej: aphrodisiac, a nerve and brain stimulant to promote erections, strengthen muscles and facilitate cell regeneration.

3. Shilajit: of mineral origins, containing vital minerals and amino acids that strengthen tissues, improve blood circulation, improves nutrient absorption and works as a potent tonic.

4. Jaiphal: improves blood circulation, balances brain functions and contains important anti-platelets that improve blood circulation.

5. Kesar: anti-oxidant, detoxifier, system stimulant and cardiovascular tonic

6. Shatavri: Aphrodisiac, balances doshas, improves digestion, reduces inflammation and spurs sexual activity.

7. Safed Musli: aphrodisiac, tonic for reproductive organs, nutrient rich and anti-ageing herb.

8. Amla: Wonder herb full of anti-oxidant, phyto chemicals and Vitamin C that retards ageing, improves functions of all organs and rejuvenates your body.

9. Loh Bhasma: Made through a special process with iron as the base, this helps formation of red blood cells and oxygenation, leading to better cardiovascular health and sexual vigor.

10. Jhau: specifically recommended for reproductive organs health and to prevent premature ejaculation

11. Mulethi: Contains Glycyrrhizin and minerals that work as a stimulant on the central nervous system and help to promote erections

12. Swarnapatra: gold foil rejuvenates the entire body.

Mast Mood oil is applied externally to the penis, each night, and rubbed in until oil is absorbed by the skin. The ingredients in this oil are:

1. Kaner Root extract containing glycosides, karabin, neriodorin and nerioderin besides potassium that boost cardiovascular activity and blood circulation to the organ.

2. Safed Gunja seed extract promote blood flow to tissues, helping in gaining and maintaining erections.

3. Sudh Maal strengthens tissues and muscles besides promoting blood flow and preventing premature ejaculation as well

4. Butter oil is the base for these ingredients since it is absorbed better and disperses quickly in tissues.

Those with problems of erectile dysfunction and sexual weakness should first detoxify themselves by fasting for a couple of days and purifying their internals with ginger-lemon juice and fasting. Then they should take only satvik food and start taking Booster capsules while massaging their penis with the oil. Results will show up in a month and thereafter your vigor and potency will make you a changed man, inside out.

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