Five characteristics about the market of America decorative oil painting

China - Recently, America market for printed and handmade oil paints is very prosperous. With this good opportunity, the business of which is China¡¯s online supplier for cheap canvas prints for sale is very excellent. Yesterday, the manager from this online supplier has released some opinions of the characteristics of America oil painting market.

In the United States, the decorative oil painting is the commodity which market positioning is for the middle class whose annual income is between 30,000 to 100,000 dollars. If people could estimate the potential clients with this standard estimates, the middle class could account for 80% of 100 million households in the United States. That is to say the majority of the middle class is America's most powerful consumer groups for oil paintings. However, there are five generally characteristics for America oil painting market.

First, the U.S. oil market has the strong regional feature. The main market regions are distributed in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and other famous tourist destination. In 2005, the total value of oil painting which had been imported by the New York was amounted to $2.25 billion.

Secondly, the most popular oil painting should be the mid-range hand-painting and the low price wholesale canvas prints printed oil paintings. The main areas where would use the oil paintings are hotel chains, restaurants, bars and furniture dealers.

The wholesaler for oil painting was usually the people from Korean and Middle Eastern 5 years ago. Currently, these wholesalers are mostly from mainland China and others are from Russia. While some paintings produced in China still have faintly visible traces, but providers also claim that canvas paintings were painted by European painters. This could help them sell their oil painting at high price.

Among American oil painting dealer, people who have ability to go directly to purchase the oil painting from foreign buyers are not much. In New York, there are a lot of businesses who engage in painting. It has estimated that there are hundreds of galleries in Manhattan area. Most of them are family-owned galleries and their sales are mainly in their own region.

People should also know that the popular trend for oil painting in the U.S. market is different from that of Europe. The main features of European oil painting are dark colors such as brown and gray and the themes are mostly European court, history, religion and famous attractions. On the other hand, American painting is mainly featured by beautiful popular color tone and the themes are mostly natural scenery and street.

After the knowing for above five characters about the America oil painting market, people could see that the potential of America market is very great. If people want to know more information about cheap canvas prints for sale, please visit website

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