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After going through many online dating websites, here is our review which makes you understand how is better than others.  One of the most helpful features of is the opportunity to test waters with its 72-hour free trial by opening an account with personal details and your photograph. Check out the most suitable profiles and show your interest in a variety of ways. You can keep your search expansive or specific with a detailed list of physical attributes and lifestyle choices. is user friendly, and the process is satisfying and fun. The large number of members increases the chance of you finding what you are looking for.

The site gives you the option of searching manually or provides the best candidates based on the likes and dislikes listed on your profile. You can use any one of the four ‘search’ categories namely ‘Go Search’ which is a quick search, the ‘Custom Search’ that helps you narrow down your search results based on your preferences, the ‘Reverse Match’ that helps you find people looking for someone like you and the ‘Mutual Match’ that matches you with people possessing your listed characteristics and who are looking for someone just like you at the same time.

You can search for matches in your local area or from around the world. After you have updated your profile with information about yourself and your preferences, ‘All Matches’ gives you a list of all the people that are compatible with your information. Then there is the added bonus of receiving five daily best matches that are calculated by the site. makes it easy to communicate with your prospective matches using ‘wink’ to express your interest, emails through the site’s system ensuring your privacy and instant messages between you and the one you like. has a ‘My Connections’ photo gallery that contains photos of the people you are communicating with and an indication as to whose turn it is to make the next move. When you are ready to date, there is a button with ‘Make a Date’ written on it. There is also a photo list to informing you of your profile viewers, a ‘favorites’ chest, a blocking option and access to online magazine called Happen. There is also a section to post testimonials written by people who know you best. includes loads of helpful tips and encouraging messages. You can get help from ProfilePro if you have trouble deciding what information to include and what is redundant. You can start with a free trial and then subscribe for a minimum fee at You can use standard subscriptions for one, three or six months depending on your requirements. You can also opt for Value plans that have added features like notifications when someone reads your email or having your profile highlighted on the web page.

All your personal details stay private and secure as takes extra precautions to protect your identity unless you want to share them with someone. The double-blind email system replaces your original email address with your user name and all the photos and profiles are checked by to ensure that there are no inappropriate content. offers wireless dating that means you can use your smartphones to get online dating services. online dating service also offers 6-months guarantee meaning you get refund if you do not find someone special in these months.

Conclusion: is doing a great job helping people find someone special without any hassle. It is safe and the rates are reasonable. There are thousands of success stories, read them up if you need a bit more convincing. has innovative features and the best communications tracking tools online. Just try it. Please visit our website for more info about coupons for free online dating.