Axis Capital, Inc

Axis Capital, Inc., a group of companies based in Grand Island NE as far as I can see is legitimate equipment financier. 

I am a business owner and took out a lease for a small piece of equipment.  I needed the equipment but also needed to fund payroll at that time.  After 3 months, I wanted to pay off the entire amount in full and was told I would be held to the full terms of the 3 year contract. I was told there was no negotiating anything less than the full terms of the lease. 

I decided that since I was not going to benefit from paying the lease outright I might as well pay the monthly and allow my cash to work somewhere else. Fortunately this past week the week’s checks to the business were deposited until Wednesday and the debit happened on Thursday. 

So what has transpired here is that Axis Capital, Inc., Grand Island NE, I had to pay what’s called a late payment fee. Just warning, best things get to checked out by an attorney otherwise, no complaints. 

Warning though, makes sure you are doing business with them rather than representatives that are claiming to be them.  The terms of the contract or lease should be reviewed by an Attorney, and as such you will be advised to do business with the legitimate businesses such as a group of companies like Axis Inc., NE. 

The interest rates seem to be reasonable but of course they do have a lean on your equipment which makes its safer for them.