Communication Skill Which Develops your Personality

In school we may have seen communication skill in different type of peach and writing while conversation With friends teachers relate use and principles and we may have used in writing in examination for library project submission different topics .

The process of communication

Communication which means the mean world coming from communicate and as you can see in the picture the whole information that for communication units to people that sender and receiver so firstly the sender encode the message and send it to any of the channel and then receiver because that message understand it so that that will be any two people and meaning communication mean to give and take the word thinking knowledge etc. Communication its not just sending and receiving the message but it also needs the cooperation and understanding of the message or the thoughts .

Language is a tool of communication.

For any type of communication the language is the mean criteria and language should be very clear and enough how to encode a message in it should be very festive for the decoder decoder message and can understand about knowledge of word of the communication and language is very important for writing and speaking clearly so you should have a clear idea about the language that you are using for communication and have enough knowledge about the language because the language is performing and front side.

Characteristic of language

When you think of a language then there will be a numeral pictures will be in your mind and how to that you can cover audience expression in there presentation about the language some of the characteristics of languages are is below.

  • Arbitrary
  • Artificial
  • Restricted
  • Abstract
  • Creative
  • Redundant
  • Recursive

So this were the characteristics of language training of communication skills and more of the part will be coming in the other section and additions of this blog so keep visiting this blog to get more information about the communication skills to get more understanding about communication skills.