Champlain College Supports Breastfeeding Students, Staff, and Faculty with New Mamava Lactation Station

Mamava, maker of design solutions for nursing mothers on the go and Champlain College in Burlington, VT announced the installation of a new lactation station in the Miller Center on Lakeside Ave. The freestanding kiosk provides a clean, comfortable, secure place for women who need to use a breast pump or want to nurse in privacy.

The idea for Mamava was born when Mamava co-founder Sascha Mayer faced the challenges of breastfeeding while away from home. “Women who work away from their babies need to use a breast pump every few hours,” she said. “For many women the only private place to do that was in a restroom or car, neither of which are particularly private or sanitary. We believe women deserve better.”

Champlain College saw the need to provide a solution for nursing moms including students, faculty, and visitors to the center. “Champlain has a strong commitment to supporting our working moms and students pursuing education,” said Mary Lee, associate vice president of human resources. “We know they are on the go, leading busy lives and juggling constantly. Our new Mamava will provide a few moments of quiet and comfort for moms to use a breast pump, or be with their child. Mamava is ideal for our active workspace and our active moms.”

The history between Mamava and Champlain College goes back to the company’s development phase when a group of Champlain College students assisted with video production, logo animation, and social media strategy as part of their emergent media graduate studies course work. Christina Rosalie, a Champlain MFA grad currently consults on Mamava’s social media and interactive strategy through her company Superconductor Co. "Mamava meets an urgent need in a innovative and elegant way. As the mama of two boys, it's impossible not to be excited by Mamava's potential. Attending conferences, events, or classes as a nursing mama shouldn't be complicated, but frequently was when my boys were babies. Mamava completely transforms the logistical nightmare of pumping while away from your baby into an one that feels doable and calming," she continued.

The Mamava lactation station features seating, a fold down table, a power supply to comfortably use a breast pump, and space for bags or a stroller. Breastfeeding is welcome anywhere at Champlain College, but for women who might want more privacy (or babies who might need less distraction) the Mamava will provide a private place to nurse as well. The lactation station is made by Mamava’s manufacturing partner G3K in Springfield, Vermont.

Major strides are being made to support women with their choice to breastfeed. In 2010 the passage of the Health Care Reform Act made it federal law for employers to provide nursing mothers who are hourly wage-earners ("nonexempt" employees) reasonable break time and a private, non-bathroom location to express breast milk for one year after the child's birth. Unfortunately this provision does not cover "exempt" or salaried employees. A new piece of legislation, the Supporting Working Moms Act would ensure a fair and uniform national policy by extending the existing federal provision to cover approximately 12 million executive, administrative, and professional employees, including elementary and secondary school teachers.

About Champlain College Founded in 1878, Champlain College is a leading private college overlooking Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont, with additional campuses in Montreal, Quebec and Dublin, Ireland. Our career-driven approach to higher education prepares students for their professional life beginning in their very first semester. Champlain offers undergraduate degrees in 30 fields of study, 10 graduate degrees and 12 online programs. The College educates over 2,000 full-time students and 652 part-time students from 39 states and 13 countries.

About Mamava based in Burlington Vermont was incubated at world renown design agency Jager DiPaola Kemp Design. Mamava creates design solutions for nursing mothers on the go. We believe that a woman should be able to breastfeed her baby anywhere she wants to, and we also know there is a need, especially in high-traffic public areas for a private and comfortable place to use a breast pump or nurse.

About G3K G3K began as two companies G3 and Kiosko – both experts in the 3D retail display field. The companies have merged to form a strategic marketing alliance that delivers as one, with a multidisciplinary approach that encompasses everything from prepress, development, prototyping, and engineering to global logistics, manufacturing, and implementation.