Join A Church For Education And Communion

While it is not compulsory to join a church in order to be saved and enjoy eternal life, Matthew 18:20 says that whenever two or more of us are gathered in His name, He is there. This is true whether we are in a cathedral full of people, the little chapel down the road or just two people praying together and reading the Bible.

Sometimes it seems like the world is going to hell in a hand basket. All you have to do is turn on the television to see how standards have relaxed even over the last 20 years. Behaviors that were once too sensitive even to discuss in private are now portrayed as commonplace.

Scantily clad women on billboards are being used to advertise almost anything. Don't the advertisers know that we drive by in our cars with our children and grandkids? How are we supposed to answer the awkward questions that inevitably present themselves. For many, the riots in London in the summer of 2011 were the straw that broke the camel's back. The revival movement is now the largest movement in modern Christianity.

Right before ascending into Heaven, Jesus instructed his followers to go out and spread the Gospel and baptize people all over the world. It's what is called the Great Commission. People don't realize this when they get uppity about being invited to church. Today, it's more socially acceptable to claim to be an atheist than to try and get your friends and family to turn their backs on sin.

It wasn't any easier to be a believer back in the day, when Moses led the Jews out of Egypt. God appeared as a pillar of smoke by day and a pillar of fire by night. Even when He was in the midst of the people, they still fell by the wayside. Before that, Lot's wife couldn't bring herself to believe in what she could not see. All she had to do was follow the simple instruction not to turn around and look back on Sodom and she would have been spared turning into a pillar of salt.

Church is a place where people can congregate and become immersed in the Holy Spirit. This is not to say that God isn't with each and every one of us when we close ourselves away in our own individual prayer closets. But when a church full of people sing, praise and worship the Lord, his presence is palpable in a supernatural way that can only be experienced first hand.

A lone Christian in a harsh world can find it pretty heavy going to keep the faith. A house of worship offers a place for like minds and like hearts to gather together in Christian fellowship. Why should worshipers be any different from Trekkies or football fans? This is also the best place to educate ourselves and our children in the teachings of the Bible.

Sometimes, when a non-believer sets foot in a house of worship, they get a sad, heavy feeling. They feel out of place. This is what may keep them from going to subsequent services. This feeling is common. It is because of sin. It disappears when a person has been baptized. Once they join a church, feelings of overwhelming sadness are replaced with overwhelming joy.

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