Entertaining and Unique Hypnosis Stage Show

Staten Island NY, 20-NOVEMBER-2014 – John Cerbone of the Cerbone Hypnosis Institute is pleased to announce that he is available for a comedy entertainment experience appropriate for any venue and always tasteful. The hypnosis stage show is hilarious and displays amazing fun. There are no swinging watches, just a fun, unique and exciting humorous style perfect for any corporate or private event entertainment concept.

Speaking to an interviewer recently, Mr. Cerbone explained, “I have worked with groups and corporate occasions of every size and location for Fortune 500 corporate events to mom-and-pop parties. I have appeared in high school auditoriums to the Strip at Las Vegas. I adapt the content of my stage hypnosis show to cater to the tastes of the particular audience, in order to offer the highest entertainment value and ultimate professionalism.”


John Cerbone has been called the Fastest Hypnotist Alive. He has personally hypnotized more than 120,000 individuals and has been able to place strangers into hypnotic states within seconds. His peers recognize him as a “Trance-Master”. He has performed for radio and television performances. His performance venues include Europe, the United Kingdom, a number of universities through the United States, as well as clubs in New York City, Atlanta and Las Vegas.


In addition to his stage and club work, John Cerbone is author of “Hypnotic Scripts That Work”, as well as specialized instructional CDs. His “Speed Trance” course demonstrates new methods for rapid induction on the stage, street and for clinical work.


Learn more about the hypnosis stage show by visiting the web pages online at  today. Members of the press and others who have further questions about the contents of this press release should contact John Cerbone at the location provided below.


Contact Details :

Contact Person Name: John Cerbone

Company Name: Cerbone Hypnosis Institute

 Address: PO Box 90173 Prince’s Bay Station, Staten Island, NY 10309-0173

 Contact Telephone Number: (718) 227-4868 or (718) 948-8623 or (702) 357-8630