The whiteboard stores Budget Standard Whiteboards Review

The White Board Store ( is one of the major players when it comes to Whiteboards, supplying a whole range which includes Standard Whiteboards, Magnetic Whiteboards, Mobile Whiteboards, as well as selling a large number of accessories and school teaching aids.

The online Whiteboard store supply products for a whole variety of applications from school, home to office. Their Standard Whiteboards start from just £25 giving you a good quality product that is easy to assemble in your school, office or home.

In this day and age you would not think you would get much for your money, £25 for a whiteboard seems unbelievable but thanks to The Whiteboard Store, they keep their prices low so more customers can afford the quality products that they sell. We decided to have a look at the Budget, Standard Whiteboard to see what you get for £25 and it seems you get a lot.

The Budget Standard Whiteboard – which is double sided and manufactured to a high quality comes with a 5 year guarantee. It is Ideal for home, office or school.


Non-magnetic, Drywipe, double sided whiteboard -

White board Surface guaranteed for 5 years each side

White surface for use with dry-marker pens

Feint gridguide of 25mm squares on reverse side of the white board assists alignment of writing and charting, is     virtually undetectable by the onlooker

Satin silver anodised aluminium frame

Smooth symmetrical profile for genuine double-sided use

Rounded safety corners with concealed fixings

Penledge (300mm) and fixings included


The budget Whiteboard is very affordable, allowing students to buy one for their university studies.

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