Explore Sri Lanka for rich culture and nature

Sri Lanka is a culturally rich country with its heritage of Buddhist, Malay, Hindu, Burgher and many others. As a country located in the Indian Ocean it had attracted the attention of various foreign countries and had been colonised by the Portuguese, Dutch and British. Over the time the languages and culture of those countries also have slowly integrated with the Sri Lankan culture which is totally embraced by the locals at present. If you like culture and vibrant festivals, Sri Lanka is one of the most suited destinations for your taste. And there are many direct flights to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka get the nick name of “pearl of the Indian ocean” because of the unique shape of a teardrop pearl. Even though it is a small island with an area of 25,332 square Kms it is enriched with rolling hills, green tea plantations, waterfalls and lush flat lands. The temperature can vary from 12 to 32 degrees depending on the location of the island. The central misty highlands have the lowest temperature. You can visit the highlands via the winding roads as well as via domestic flights. There are so many domestic flights Sri Lanka wide operated as well to get there.

Sri Lankan food is a specialty which all the tourists do not forget to taste when they are visiting the island. Some of the foods are unique to Sri Lanka and also there are so many other types of food that had slowly seeped into Sri Lanka from India, Malaysia and Netherlands. That way there is a wide range of foods to be offered and whatever is your taste it is very likely that Sri Lankan cuisine has something to suit your taste buds.

A typical Sri Lankan would consist of boiled rice along with various vegetables cooked in coconut milk and spices along with fish or meat. As a tropical country blessed with plenty of rainfall and sunlight, there are various types fruits and vegetables that grow in Sri Lanka. Hence the typical meal will include different types of vegetables. Also the other unique factor about Sri Lanka is even though it is a very small island when you visit different parts of the island the food may taste different. Each part of the country has their own ways of preparing the same dishes with their own touch that is unique to that geographical location of Sri Lanka. Hence practically you can eat the same dish many times and it would taste as a different dish each time you taste it.

When you are planning your next holiday keep Sri Lanka in your mind and there are so many flights to Colombo from various prominent destinations. So it will be another reason to choose Sri Lanka as your holiday destination.