Long-Term Business Coaching from Femia and Associates

[Perth, March 18, 2014] – Femia and Associates, home to some of the most in-demand accountants in Perth, provides the solutions to help businesses achieve their goals. They develop strategies to assist clients in making the most of their investments and achieve long-term tax benefits. From tax structures to start-up procedures, their business coaches will serve as the clients’ guide.

Guiding Clients Make Informed Decisions

The firm knows that starting or buying a business involves thorough planning to achieve a good investment without putting finances at risk. Start-up businesses need to think of certain factors to avoid setbacks, and this is what Femia and Associates strives to achieve.

The experienced tax accountants provide professional advice to help businesses make informed decisions when it comes to their finances. They will recommend flexible business structures and strategies that complement their accounting needs and financial situation. Their accountants will explain tax laws thoroughly to clients, helping them understand how these apply to their business.

Helping Clients Achieve Long-Term Success

Helping businesses obtain profitable and increased cash flow is one of Femia and Associates’ goals. To achieve this, they deliver comprehensive business diagnosis to know which aspects of the business need reinforcement.One of their business coaches will develop strategic plans to address issues and promote clients’ business growth. The business coach will then guide clients with tax planning and procurement of financial records. This is to provide clients with a transparent report of their cash flow.

Femia and Associates delivers superior accounting and tax solutions to help clients focus on the important aspects of their business. They prioritise clients’ needs and requirements and go beyond standard services, ensuring customer satisfaction.

About Femia and Associates

Supervised by David Femia, Femia and Associates does its best to assist businesses and individuals when it comes to tax and accounting planning. The firm offers comprehensive business and taxation advice services, providing alongside thorough accounting planning and financial advice for self-managed super funds, or SMSF. Their skilled tax accountants deliver efficient solutions by becoming hands-on and presenting the latest and most important information to their clients.

Clients can learn more about the firm and services offered by visiting