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Online shopping has become so popular nowadays that it is impossible to imagine modern life without it. Regardless of the product a person is looking for, it is more than real to find it on the web. With a variety of e-shops, this process becomes very simple, time saving and comfortable. Realizing the unlimited merits of shopping on the web, Shopper.Life has launched a website, the mission of which is to simplify the shopping process and make it convenient and hassle-free for each buyer.

Shopper.Life is a web-based platform, which publishes the most detailed and informative reviews of popular products one can buy at versatile online resources nowadays. This is the website, which provides the customers looking for high quality goods on the web with the unbiased reviews that will help them make the right choice. What’s more, they publish the reviews that are written by the customers, who have already purchased and used the products and wish to share their experience with other users. This is what makes the website stand out in the crowd. The developers and owners of Shopper.Life point out the following: “This website involves the reviews of products users have purchased both in Ukrainian and foreign online-shops. They do not only describe the pros and cons of these products, but also post their impressions as to the way these e-shops work and serve their clients.”

To make the search of reviews simple and quick, they are subdivided into several categories, including Reviews, Shops, News, Coupons, Bonuses and Special Offers, FAQ and Forum. As a result, customers don’t have to waste their time looking for the review or information they need. Everything is at hand here. Each review comes with numerous photos of the product, its detailed description, characteristics, pros and cons, shopping nuances and other issues that may be of great help for everyone willing to shop on the web. It is possible to leave the comments under the review of each product and rate it, thus contributing to its informational value.

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Shopper.Life is a popular online resource, which publishes the reviews of the Ukrainian and foreign online shops and products sold there. The reviews are written by the users, who have bought and used the products and have the experience of dealing with web-based shops. Each review is available with the detailed characteristics, photos and description of a product or shop. This is very convenient, especially for the newbies, who wish to make purchases online for the first time. Comment and rating options are provided as well, thus making the reviews more informative and interesting.

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