Medical Image Analysis Software Market is expected to reach $2.4 Billion by 2017

The market for image analysis software is broadly divided into integrated software and standalone market. The growth of the medical image analysis market is mainly contributed by the standalone software market which is accelerating at a faster pace as compared to the integrated software market which is moving at a stable rate. The market has seen a boost since the IT revolution in healthcare, but is still dominated by OEMs. Many smaller players are making efforts to make a mark in the medical image analysis market. But the major revenues are generated through supplying services and programs to the OEM. This report covers definition, description, and forecast of the global medical image analysis market in terms of integrated and standalone software, by modalities, by image type, by indications and by end-users.

Medical image analysis process includes activities such as identification, measurement and/or judgment, it requires computational support to handle the size, heterogeneity, and complexity of the data and methods involved in the medical imaging process. The main goal of the software is to provide automatic or semi-automatic medical diagnosis. With the advent of computers there has been a continuous development in the medical image analysis software.

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 The medical image analysis market is driven by the increasing demand of the imaging modalities across various indications such as oncology, cardiology and neurology. Fusion of technologies, CAD increasing applications in diagnostic and automated image analysis are the major drivers of the medical image analysis market. The major restraints of the market are inherent difficulties associated with software and hacking which is a major concern associated with software. The major opportunities are developing countries where the market is untapped and medical device security software market is an interesting and growing segment.

 Applied medical research is dependent on imaging for evaluation of therapeutic effects of new drugs or therapies. Thus, dedicated image analysis software had become mandatory for quantitative medical imaging.

 Based on the principle, macroscopic medical imaging is basically divided as external source and internal source. In external source, X-ray, CT and projected radiography are based on transmission principle whereas Ultrasound follows refraction/reflection principle. Under internal source, PET and SPECT follow internal tracer principle.

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 The market has a few well-established firms and several small firms operating in this industry. The major players in this market include GE Healthcare (U.K.), Siemens (Germany), Philips (The Netherlands), Toshiba Medical systems (Japan), Agfa healthcare (Belgium), etc. The smaller players include Claron Technolosgies (Canada), Care stream Health, Inc. (U.S.), Medviso AB (Sweden), Merge Healthcare (U.S.), etc.

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