New Insights on Tax Filings

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Consumers are procrastinating on their taxes in growing numbers – and possibly paying more because of it, according to a new analysis by purchase-based intelligence platform Cardlytics.

In case you’re planning additional tax day stories, I thought you might find the below key findings from the report useful for your coverage:

  • 40% of Americans procrastinated on filing their taxes in 2015, up from 36% in 2013

    • In 2015, approximately 27% of tax preparation purchases occurred during the last 2 weeks of the season

  • People that have their taxes done at a national brick and mortar store pay 311% more than they would online and 18% more than with a local accountant

  • 78% of all Americans filed their taxes online in 2015

  • Tax prep gets increasingly expensive as the season progresses

    • Americans pay twice as much to get their taxes done in week 10 than in week one

Interviews: Cardlytics CMO Dani Cushion 


Data is based on millions of U.S. consumers who are active on the Cardlytics network and made a tax prep payment during the 2013, 2014 or 2015 tax season. (complete details are included in the attached report)

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