BOULDER, CO (5/5/2014)—BackJoy—a company who is fixing the way the world sits, stands and sleeps today announces, in conjunction with National Correct Posture Month, a new #PosturePledge campaign that rewards consumers who commit to improving their own posture with a FREE SitSmart Posture Plus.

Consumers interested in taking the #PosturePledge can visit BackJoy’s Posture Pledge Facebook page and choose one of the ten simple actions listed to focus on during the month of May. (Examples include: ditching heels for the month, sleeping on your side or back instead of your stomach or incorporating core exercises into your routine.)

The first 500 people who participate in the #PosturePledge celebration will receive a FREE SitSmart Posture Plus ($40.00 MSRP)—BackJoy's signature product that automatically tilts, cups and floats the pelvis upright to engage core muscles and help you find your most balanced and comfortable posture.

BackJoy’s hope is that consumers who choose to make these small and simple posture changes for the month will realize the difference good posture makes in their lives and will continue to take small steps each day towards improving posture.

Medical experts have found that when you sit and stand up straight, your diaphragm is opened up to help you breathe better, lower stress hormones, build confidence and achieve greater focus and energy—not to mention, you’ll have less back pain. In fact, research shows that sitting with good posture is one of the biggest actions you can take to prevent and alleviate back pain.

BackJoy will be keeping posture and the #PosturePledge conversation going all month. In addition to regular blog & Facebook posts, they are hosting a fun and informative Twitter chat about improving/maintaining great posture on May 13th from 1-2pm MDT (@BackJoy / #GYAOchat).

To purchase BackJoy products, please visit your local Target.

About the BackJoy SitSmart:

The BackJoy SitSmart is an innovative, proven sitting device that provides natural, safe and effective back pain relief by automatically optimizing your posture—anytime and anywhere you sit. Its easy-to-use, patented design works from the bottom up by tilting your hips upright and “floating” your spine in a comfortable cradle above the sitting surface. Its portable and lightweight design works in any seat so you can feel more comfortable, supported and less fatigued after sitting for long periods of time. Durable (and waterproof) base and covering provide long-term use. See for more information.

About BackJoy:

Headquartered in Boulder, Colo., BackJoy’s mission is to change the way the world sits, stands and sleeps. Leveraging what experts (and moms) across the globe have known for years—that better posture prevents back pain—the company creates and distributes innovative patented products that enhance posture to relieve back pain. Inspired by the movement in self-care—the most powerful form of healthcare—BackJoy’s easy-to-use products and personal wellness initiatives help users naturally sit, stand and sleep better to produce positive, life-changing results. Change your posture, change your life! Get inspired by BackJoy users’ real results and learn more at