Printed oil painting Girl with a Pearl Earring of Enjoy Canvas is widely welcomed by their consumers

China - How to better decorate the rooms? This should be the commonly problems for many youthful people who wants to enhance the living standard of their daily living room. The commonly answer for this problem should be the rolled canvas prints from XIAMEN CJ PRINTS CO., LTD. Their printed oil paintings have been widely accepted by more and more consumers around the world. Today, the editor from the official website of this CHINA cheap canvas prints will introduce with people one of their hot selling oil painting printed of last month.

This popular print is the Girl with a Pearl Earring painted by Vermeer at 1665. This oil painting has been occupied by the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in The Hague Murray Theis. This classical painting is a great job created by the Dutch painter Vermeer in 1665. This painting¡¯s focal point is a young girl wearing pearl earrings. The background of this oil painting is dark background which would set off the side appearance of the girl in the image of this oil painting. After the publishing of the oil painting for about more than three hundred years, most of artists are very marveled about this oil painting, which the soft clothes lines, earrings brightness, especially women sideways back attracted many art lovers. The only oil painting masterpiece which could only be compared with this Girl with a Pearl Earring is the Mona Lisa. The printed version of this famous oil painting has been widely welcomed by consumers from website

After knowing about this famous oil painting, people should also know about Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) who is the painter of this famous masterpiece, who is also one of the greatest Dutch painters. This famous painter had been forgotten by people as long as two centuries. The masterpieces of Vermeer are mostly the custom theme paintings which are essentially based on the public everyday life of people . The feelings of his painting could be concluded into warm, comfortable, quiet and solemn, which could fully demonstrate that the Dutch public¡¯s clean environment and elegant and comfortable atmosphere preferences. Vermeer¡¯s works were only handed down for 40 pieces or so, most of which are fine paintings. His students were known as the representative of ¡°Little Dutch School .

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