Franklin Virtual High School Offers Pay Per Module Option

With the help of an online school, non-traditional students can now pay-as-they-go to complete their education.

Franklin Virtual High School, an online school dedicated to helping non-traditional students – that is, students who could not complete high school due to any number of reasons – complete their education and, through this, receive a sense of achievement and a higher level of hireability in the working world today.

Franklin Virtual High School, or FVHS, is not a hoax. No, they are regarded as one of the best online schools at in the United States today and are a fully accredited online school at . With a diploma from FVHS, students can then have the option and level of accomplishment to apply for higher education or simply use that diploma to aid on their resumes and with their job searches.

FVHS recognizes, though, that paying for an online education (or any education) may not be within the budget for all of their students. For this reason, FVHS allows for their students to pay per module of education. This means that their students have the option to choose single class modules one at a time, pay for, and complete them before they move on to the next module. Though they can choose to pursue more than one module at a time, this system opens the door for flexibility, as some semesters may be busier or more financially strained than others.

The FVHS distance learning at program understands that all student needs are unique from one another, and they are constantly seeking to be the educational fit for the potential students possible. FVHS believes in the value of education, and they believe that every person has the capacity to succeed in education if given the right opportunity and tools.

Michelle Ormiston
Franklin Virtual High School
545 E. Tennessee St
Tallahassee, Florida 32308