Rear View Safety Experts Now Encouraging Customers to Complete Their Back Up Camera Systems with Dash Cams

Brooklyn, New York, March 31, 2014 -- Backup camera system expert Rear View Safety, an authority in the field of on-board camera systems, is now recommending the latest dash cams now available through its comprehensive website. Capable of recording all drives in any conditions, the newest models can provide all drivers with security and peace of mind on the road.

“Dash cams are an emerging trend in the safety industry. New innovations are appearing with every model released, and our customers are eager to integrate dash cams into their existing safety systems. We’re ready to educate every visitor about the new bestsellers,” said David Newman, an Account Manager with the back up camera system company.

Dash cams belong to a category of innovative products that also includes black box systems as well as DVR systems. A dash cam is affixed to the dashboard of a vehicle and designed to record events from the perspective of the driver. Many dash cams are also built to record conditions and activity inside the vehicle for added security and a more comprehensive library of footage. Dash cams provide an objective viewpoint on which drivers can rely in the event of a traffic incident, allowing everyone involved to consult a definitive record when necessary. When incorporated into a full backup camera system, dash cams add essential perspective and give both personal and commercial drivers more information to enrich and enhance their time on the road.

One of the most advanced models now on sale from Rear View Safety is the Model #RVS-800GS, a dash cam ideally suited for use as part of a commercial backup camera system. Businesses with vehicle fleets can easily and affordably outfit their cars, trucks, or RVs: the units cost only $129.99 and fit inconspicuously behind a vehicle’s rearview mirror. Equipped with GPS functionality, the units supplement footage with additional, helpful information when the owner reviews any records. All footage captured by the innovative dash cam is file-protected, meaning the record will persist even if the unit or vehicle suffers damage.

More information about dash cams and many other backup camera systems is available for visitors to browse at Customers can also call 800-764-1028 to speak with one of the company’s experts. Rear View Safety is active on social media, including Facebook at and on Twitter at, and regularly updates a technology blog at