Sell your House without Paying any Commission

Real estate transactions involve hefty commissions which can be quite a put-off. Even if you are not a regular real estate trader and just want to sell your house, you will be required to dole out a commission to the real estate broker. This Realtor commission or brokerage is calculated as a percentage of the selling price. If your Realtor sells your home, that is a plus for you.  However is another Realtor from another agency sells it, you may pay a higher fee.   If the buyer negotiates on the price and you agree you have already taken a cut.  Now you have to reduce your profit by even  more, paying the Realtor's fees.   If the sales price was a break even price, then paying the realtor's fee with place you in the negative. 

A Realtor's fee  is a high price to pay and you may  even try to negotiate a lower commission rate or even haggle for a discount. But you will still end up giving up at least 5%  off the selling price. On the other hand, trying to sell your Houston TX property  fast on your own is no cakewalk either.

Apart from the traditional real estate agents, there are cash home buyers. These kind of companies are not only willing to pay instant cash for your house, they will do so without the additional cost of  the traditional real estate agents commission. What’s more, you can easily your Houston TX home fast without having to do any repairs to make it presentable.

So, if you happen to be looking for cash home buyers, MoneyBug presents a simple and easy process to sell your  home fast on the Houston TX market. MoneyBug will readily give you a free consultation and a no obligation quote for your property. And if you decide to sell your home to MoneyBug, you will not only be saved from the huge bite of commission costs, but will not have to pay any other closing costs either. In fact, you don’t even have to clean out the property as MoneyBug will do it all for you!

Does it still make sense to pay hefty commissions when you have a quick, convenient and commission-free route to selling your house? MoneyBug is a premier home buyer that purchases houses for cash primarily in Texas, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. It purchases mostly single family homes as-is and closes quickly through an easy process. You can call 800.928.5205 to speak with a live local MoneyBug representative who will be ready to assist you with your real estate needs or fill the form on the company website and a representative will contact you immediately.

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