Remote control helicopters are the little craft that square measure created on the idea of the planning of helicopters. they're differentiated from the device airplanes on the idea of models, construction, mechanics, flight coaching, etc. These remote control helicopters have manner higher and increased management than the device planes as its control from the takeoff to the landing. many styles square measure to be seen in these as we glance around, they modify from models to techniques. a lot of innovative and manoeuvrable dens square measure usually onerous to fly however wants a obtaining wont to, that results in the flight and glorious management and use of the Remote control helicopter.

These device helicopters have a awfully effective control, that helps the pilot to regulate the collective and throttle one by one, the cyclic controls PITCH & ROLL, and also the anti-torque rotor. Dominant of these one by one allows the pilot to perform most controlled moves and flying ways which might be seen on the important Helicopters. Hovering , backwards flight & inverted flight(which is next to not possible with Real HELICOPTERS). These varied controls will be achieved with the assistance of tiny nerve motors referred to as as SERVOS. The engines usually use wood alcohol steam-powered 2 stroke motor, however electrical brushless motors square measure connected to a metallic element chemical compound battery to supply with high potency, performance & lifetime. currently a days petrol and jet rotary engine engines are getting used. These heavier-than-air craft even have the arrangement of lights as within the Full sized helicopters.

 A multirotor heavier-than-air craft that's controlled and throttled by four rotors is termed a Quad rotor heavier-than-air craft conjointly referred to as Quadcopter. These quad copters square measure classified as rotorcraft because the raise is being generated by the four sets of airfoils at every corner. This quad copter has 2 sets of identical fastened pitch propellers, two right-handed (CW) & two counter right-handed (CCW) by the employment of variations within the rev of propellers pilot will management the raise or throttle of the quad copter.

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