LCR-Reader and Smart Tweezers Available on Amazon from Siborg Systems Inc.

Siborg Systems Inc., the Canadian creator of Smart Tweezers and LCR-Reader LCR-meters, has begun offering Smart Tweezers ST-5 and LCR-Reader, as well as accessories on and, and soon the newest model, the ST-5S.

By Siborg offering the devices on the retail website, customers will be able to find the device best suited to their needs, and accessories for that device. Customers in the United States will benefit from Amazon fulfilled orders with faster shipping by avoiding customs and brokerage charges.

With the electronics manufacturing industry moving toward using Surface Mount Technology as the main method of production, Siborg created a device specifically for the technology. The combination of a set of tweezers and a small LCR-meter allow users to easily grasp a small component, either loose or already mounted on a PCB. Once the component is in contact with the tweezers, Smart Tweezers determines the type of component and measure accordingly for Inductance, Resistance or Capacitance while also measuring for secondary impedance values, such as the ESR. The evaluation results are then instantly available on the small embedded screen in the devices’ handle. Unlike bench-type testers, Smart Tweezers requires no set-up between evaluations, and leaves on hand free during evaluations for taking notes or other tasks.

The ST-5 model is the most used model by professionals and high-tech companies worldwide. It has a high basic accuracy of 0.1%, while the LCR-Reader was designed for non-professionals looking for a tool like Smart Tweezers but without the high price. LCR-Reader lacks a few features found on Smart Tweezers models, such as the parasitic offset capabilities, variable test signals, continuity and diode testing and component sorting. These features, and a slightly lower basic accuracy of 1%, allowed Siborg to create a device at half the price for the non-professionals. Features on both devices include:

-Fully automatic L, C, R and ESR evaluations
-High basic accuracy
-Li-Ion battery and micro-USB charging
-1 oz. weight and ergonomic design

-Bright OLED contrast

The newest ST-5S model offers users the same functionality and features as the ST-5 model, but has the new thinner body, lighter 1 oz. weight, and OLED screen. This new model is in production now, and will be slowly replacing the ST-5.

Siborg Systems Inc. still offers the devices directly through their website, but the addition of Amazon provides a wider marketplace for customers. Amazon offers faster shipping for American customers, and Amazon Prime members can select free two day shipping.

All Smart Tweezers and LCR-Reader news is available on the Smart Tweezers’ Blog.

About Siborg Systems Inc.

Established in 1994, Siborg Systems Inc. is a source of engineering software and hardware tools for semiconductor and electronics industry. Located in the city of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, it enjoys being a part of the local world-renowned high-tech community.

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