H3 Assist Lists Five Ways to Stay Independent

Known for its customized approach to in-home care, H3 Assist has developed tiered plans to accommodate a variety of levels and needs. They provide resources for veterans and their spouses in need of assistance or 24-hour care in Orange County at , and the Southern California caregivers work tirelessly to keep services applicable to every client. At the heart of H3 Assist’s mission is maintaining independence for their seniors, and H3 Assist lists five ways for keep aging family members living life freely.

First, seniors that remain in their home find the familiar surroundings to be a significant source of comfort, helping them to keep living a full life. Secondly, H3 Assist feels an in-home evaluation is a must; their staff can give expert advice on the level of independence an aging family member can expect. Related to that, H3 Assist believes that seniors stay more independent with the right balance of support, which is why H3 Assist’s caregivers step in when they are needed, and step back when they are not. Seniors that maintain daily activities also foster a stronger sense of autonomy, and H3 Assist has a unique menu of Assisted Activities of Daily Living for home care in Orange County, described at . Because H3 Assist helps aging family members stay close to family and friends, seniors can continue nurturing those relationships, an essential element in creating a feeling of independence.

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Experts in custom-designed personal care plans, Orange County-based H3 Assist is a leading source assisted care for seniors. H3 Assist’s highly trained caregivers work with aging family members to maintain independence with compassion.

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