Half Price Off on Siemens 101 Hearing Aid by Hear4Less

The Siemens 101 hearing aid is available for only half the retail price for Hear4Less members. The company talks about the savings their members can get.

[US, 01/15/2014] –Members of Hear4Less, a trusted preferred provider organization (PPO), can buy the Siemens 101 hearing aid for only $995—half of the product’s price in retail outlets. This is in line with the company’s mission of giving people living with hearing impairment easy access to brand name devices at extremely low rates.Apart from big discounts, they also provide warranty good for one to three years and a 45-day trial period on all products.

Up to 40% Savings for Members

People suffering from hearing problems can now get great savings by becoming a member of Hear4Less. The company notes that brand name hearing aids sold in retail are costly, which should not always be the case.They want to use their extensive network that includes many of the top hearing aid companies and clinics to provide a huge discount to their members.As an exclusive member of the Hear4Less, patients suffering from loss of hearing can get 20% to 40% price reduction on their purchase. The company believes that saving nearly half of the product’s  retail price is a great benefit for anyone.

The half price discount of the Siemens 101 hearing aid is only a glimpse of the many rewards people can get from joining Hear4Less. The offer also includes a free hearing evaluation, otoscopic exam, and follow-up visits.

Free Membership

People with hearing problems do not have to pay anything to join Hear4Less. The PPO removes any fees for their registration to help more people living with hearing impairment save thousands when buying a healthcare device.They want to make it clear that those who will sign up do not have to worry about hidden fees and any financial obligation in the future. Hear4Less also do not require people to have a credit card to register.

About Hear4Less

Hear4Less is a preferred provider organization that helps people buy low-cost hearing aids.The company has a substantial network of the top clinics and hearing aid providers in the America. They help people buy discount hearing products from the most trusted brands such as ReSound, Starkey, Widex, Phonax, Oticon, and Siemens.

Clients can learn out more information about the company’s hearing aid pricing at