Netflix partners with Comcast to create high-speed streaming capabilities

  • Netflix has created a high-speed broadband service with the new fiber optic cable GoldFlix
  • GoldFlix has un-matched broadband speed: 33 megabites per second.
  • Together, Netflix and Comcast aim to bring higher broadband service to over 23 million customers, without added costs.
  • GoldFlix is expected to launch June 2015.
  • Netflix CEO Reed Hastings conceptualized the new product with the intention of improving broadband services for customers to download and enjoy Netflix programs.
  • Netflix is the first to offer higher broadband speeds at no extra cost. The high-speed GoldFlix cable only takes 30 minutes or less to install by a Comcast technician. 
  • “We are very pleased to have joined Netflix in this initiative,” said leading Comcast GoldFlix engineer Lauren Reston. “This product is a result of years of broadband exploration, and I find the science behind GoldFlix fascinating. I can image a product like this will be explosive and have a lasting impact on customers who try it.”
  • “There were several ways we could have done this, but none that could not as been as successful without the support and technology Comcast has given us," said Hastings. "Streaming television is a relatively new market with previously distinctive needs, such as high internet capabilities. Yet, we are happy that Comcast helped us invent a new possibility for broadband television, with new internet capabilities, before anyone else could.”

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Description: Netflix, Inc., provides movie rentals and instant streaming to over 23 million service subscribers in North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Europe. Netflix was founded in 1997 in Scotts Valley and still stands as its headquarters today. 

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