Strategies of arranging skill bar in The Elder Scrolls Online

In The Elder Scrolls Online, you can drag six skills onto your skill bar. There are strategies how to arrange the skill bar, so if you are playing the game with ESO CDKey, you will benefit a lot by arranging the skill bar well.

The first two skills are for the weapons. You should analyze what weapons you are going to use in the battle and drag the weapons you have from the bank and place them into the first two spaces of the skill bar. Sometimes you may have to pay some ESO gold for ESO items. But remember you can only use one weapon at a time.

The next three skills depend on your class. You can choose class skills that can counterbalance your weapons or help your weapons to use better. For example, if your main weapons are bows and arrows that are good in remote attacks, you can choose class skills that can help reduce the speed of your enemies. 

The lat skill should be your ultimate skill, which is the most powerful one. Ultimate skills should be used carefully because they are powerful but cause lots of damage to the player himself too.

In addition, as long as you are not in a combat, you can switch these skills at anytime anywhere. If you the collocation is not suitable for fighting, you can try to use other skills. Through trying different skills, finally you can achieve complete control. Cheap ESO CDKey is available at