5 Non-Lethal Weapons You Should Own For Self-Defense

How do you defend yourself in life-threatening situations where you can’t carry a gun or any other lethal weapon? How can you buy enough time to escape from an attacker or intending attacker where there’s no help?

Here are 5 non-lethal weapons you definitely should own for self-defense:

1. Pepper Spray

Pepper sprays are among the most popular non-lethal self-defense weapons, and that is so because they are highly effective against an attacker.

They contain hot chemicals (Oleoresin Capsicum) that incapacitate an assailant with an irritable or inflammatory effect.

The pepper spray has an instantaneous effect, especially when sprayed in the eyes and face of the assailant, giving the victim enough room to escape, or enough time for law enforcement to intervene.

The pepper spray is a highly effective non-lethal weapon you should own. You however want to be careful not to get into more trouble, either by missing your target or allowing the spray to backfire at you.

2. Stun Gun

This is a nifty device that’s capable of incapacitating an assailant by pumping into his/her body thousand of volts of electricity. It’s a great alternative for pepper spray as it won’t be affected by wind or rain.

The loud and intimidating crackling noise the stun gun gives alone is enough to stop any would-be assailant in their tracks.

The con of a stun gun, however, is that it requires you to make physical contact with the attacker, which might be more dangerous if you aren’t well-trained. Plus, it might not work well against thick clothing.

These don’t however make it less a great self-defense weapon. And if you can, you should definitely get one. Just confirm with your local laws that it’s legal in your area.

3. Flashlight

Might not seem like a weapon to you, but this harmless, useful tool can actually be a great self-defense weapon, depending on how you use it.

The best use – other than using it to hit – is to flash it on your assailant’s face to stun and disorient him/her, while you escape before s/he gets back a clear sight.

There are several other ways, but this is just the simplest way to use a flashlight for self-defense (other than using it to see your path clearly while you run for your life).

However, some ranges of flashlights are specifically created to be a self-defense gear. An example is the Shadowhawk Flashlight, a sturdy military-grade tactical flashlight with heightened LED features that’s too bright to not stun anyone.

Get yourself prepared for anything with one of these, and they might come very handy someday.

4. Self-Defense Keychain

It’s unimaginable how a fancy item like a keychain can be used to inflict severe injury on an assailant, while you find a means of escape.

There are countless styles and designs, from kubotans and other SDKS (Self-Defense Keychain Sticks) to metal skull (or cat) self-defense keychains.

Usages vary. For some, like the keychain sticks, you’d have to hit the assailant hard, for some, you’d have to stab at pressure points, while you’d fit some – like the metal skull – in your fingers/fist and punch your assailant.

There are several keychain knives and daggers too, though they wouldn’t fall within the non-lethal category.

Whatever self-defense keychain you choose, ensure you check your local laws so you don’t breach them.

5. Car Keys

Finally, something you probably carry along everyday and won’t readily pass as a weapon, until you use it as one. A highly effective one at that, especially when it doesn’t fold.

Where you don’t have a self-defense keychain, you can resort to a strong key, preferably your car key, as a weapon.

Depending on how you use it, specifically depending on the part of the body you apply it to, your car key can either be lethal or non-lethal as a weapon.

Used as a push dagger and applied with enough force, the car key can inflict some serious injury on your assailant, no matter how strong he or she is.

Poking body parts like the eyes will give you enough room for escape, while a stab in the throat can make the car key lethal, and cause serious injury or death for the assailant.

But be careful to not get into more trouble, as you can only apply a car key on close contact. You just might get overpowered.

There you have them; 5 non-lethal “weapons” that will save your life in threatening situations. Which other item would you include in the list? Let’s discuss further in the comments.