Trainer Communications Offers Award-Winning Video and Animation Services

San Francisco, 28 April 2014 - Trainer Communications, one of the top west coast integrated marketing and PR firms, has rolled out its award-winning video and animation services. This additional service comes in with the combination with the highly expert.

“Our firm is always focused on the task at hand,” says Trainer Communications’ president. “And that is providing our clients with a varied professional perspective from experts who are highly experienced in their respective fields. We are always looking for new opportunities to help craft, deliver, and measure our clients’ messages and - in keeping with the delivery that helps best reach our audiences - video and animation is a viable option that continues to grow in popularity.”

As a popular medium of storytelling, video is another way to reach the masses, and as videos measure success by “going viral” online, it’s up to companies to keep pace in this ever changing environment. Trainer Communications has included video production as a part of its services and has much success in doing so, winning a variety of national awards, including the 2013 Hermes Award, the 2013 AVA Award, 2012 VEMA Award, 2012 Telly Award, 2012 Bulldog Award, and the 2012 Platinum Audio Visual Award.

Through this medium, Trainer Communications is able to help clients share their message by crafting high-end videos and sharing them through online outlets such as YouTube, Instagram, Vine, and more. In this way, they have reconfirmed their commitment to their clients who look for expert guidance through their PR firm. San Francisco clients, as a result, continue to turn to Trainer.

“This is a business that continues to grow and shift according to industry standards and the needs of our clients,” says Trainer Communications’ president. “We are thrilled to be the go-to PR firm for companies looking to develop their brand and grow their business.”

About the Company:

San Francisco based Trainer Communications is a high-tech integrated marketing and public relations agency with a team of experts who bring a variety of specialties to the table - from software engineering and broadcast journalism to corporate and digital marketing.

Contact Information:
Trainer Communications
44 Montgomery Street, Suite 3065
San Francisco, CA 94104
Phone No. (415)800-5361