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The medical robotics and computer assisted surgery (MRCAS) is a technology of using computer devices and accessories in the operating room to directly assist the surgeons in surgical procedures. The MRCAS is a segment under the minimal invasive surgery market which is in high demand due to the various benefits it offers.

 The main driving factor of MRCAS market is the demand for minimal invasive surgeries that reduces the hospital stay by 1.5- 2 days. With each system costing approximately $1-$2.5 million, the cost of treatment gets expensive. The cost ranges anywhere from $3,200-$8,000. Therefore, the price is a one the major limiting factor of this market. The MRCAS procedure is an efficient method as the other conventional surgical methods; however, cost is the biggest impediment for the growth of MRCAS. Moreover, MRACS is a growing technology, and over time, the technology will overcome the cost impediment.

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The key players profiled in this report are: Intuitive surgical, Titan Medical Inc, Hitachi Medical Systems, Robotic Systems and Technologies, Schaerer Mayfield , MAKO Surgical , Biobot surgical, Ascension, Smith & Nephew and Siemens Healthcare


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4. Global Market By Equipments, 2012-2020, $ MILLIONS
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6. Global Market By Equipments Geography , 2012-2020, $ MILLIONS

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