New online tool helps consumers keep daily tab on mosquito

COLUMBIA, S.C. (July 10, 2014) Terminix Service, Inc. (TSI), a pest management company with more than 65 years of service in South Carolina, western North Carolina and the CSRA area of eastern Georgia, today unveiled a new online tool to help consumers keep track of mosquito activity where they live. The Mosquito Forecast —a scientifically-based projection forecast—will track potential mosquito activity throughout TSI’s service area.   

Moisture is key to the lifecycle of mosquitoes, with higher moisture levels providing a better environment for breeding and maturation. This can happen in as little as a quarter ounce of standing water in a leaf on the ground. TSI’S Mosquito Forecast is based on a prediction of air and ground moisture levels that account for daily mean temperature, wind speed, relative humidity and solar radiation. 

“Our mission is to provide consumers with power over pests, and no time is that more important than during the summer when everyone is headed outdoors to enjoy the great weather,” said Scott Fortson, President of Terminix Service, Inc. “We’re excited to provide consumers with a useful tool that will predict mosquito levels in their area and be helpful in planning their daily outdoor activities.”

The levels that Terminix will report are similar to that of a weather forecast and are based on the likelihood of encountering mosquitoes on a given day:

Low (Blue/Purple) – conditions are dry with very little mosquito activity expected.
Moderate (Green) – increasingly moist conditions make mosquito activity very likely.
High (Yellow) – extended moist conditions, mosquitoes present throughout area.
Very High (Orange) – above-average moisture conditions persist, heavy mosquito presence throughout area.
Extreme (Red) – mosquitoes are present in very high numbers, with feeding activity extremely likely throughout the area.

“Our tool is based on scientific research which found that certain weather conditions influence the amount of mosquito activity in an area,” said Kevin Hathorne, BCE, Technical Director of Terminix Service, Inc.  “By knowing the potential mosquito levels that can be expected, people can plan ahead to take precautions whenever necessary. If you’re planning an event and there are high mosquito levels predicted, you could have the area treated days before so that you and your guests can enjoy your function without the distraction of mosquitoes.”

Consumers can access the online tool by visiting Mosquito Forecast. The map will update in real-time and consumers can determine mosquito activity based on the color associate with their region. In addition, through media partnerships in TSI’s services area, the mosquito forecast will be available during weather segments in July and August. Partner stations include: 

WMBF (Myrtle Beach/Florence)
WCSC (Charleston)
WBTV (Charlotte)
WIS (Columbia)

The science behind TSI’s Mosquito Forecast is derived from in-depth studies conducted by Cornell University’s Entomology Department and the Northeast Regional Climate Center.

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