Quality Metal Stamping Parts from Hueibin

Taiwan, 5thMarch, 2014: Hueibin Enterprise manufactures stamping parts and serves different industries. They are known for their high quality standards and experience of over thirty years.

Their line of products include 3C products, auto parts, building hardware, LED parts and motor parts through which they are able to serve different industries such as auto, hardware and even household. Apart from Taiwan stamping parts they also deal with in house die and mold making products. Custom designs and custom stamping parts are produced to meet customer needs specifically.

The company is ISO 9001 certified which marks the quality of its products. Their capability of precise gauge designing ensures achievement of strict quality control. Their innovated technology and excellent manufacturing process guarantees quality stamping parts production to satisfy existing and new customers. They have a manufacturing facility that is well equipped to produce any kind of metal stamping part. They can be trusted for a full scale production or one stamping part prototype as per the customer’s needs.

Right from the stage of raw materials to every stage stamping parts manufacturing quality is given extreme importance. Raw material goes through inspection and only upon approval is it used for pilot operations and later for full scale production. Before shipping as well final inspection is done to ensure complete satisfaction to the customer.

About Hueibin Enterprise

Hueibin Enterprise started in 1976 is an ISO 9001 certified company that deals with manufacturing of Taiwan stamping parts and serves various industries such as auto, building hardware, computer and even household. Their stamping parts are of great quality as inspection is carried out right from the raw material stage to the final shipping stage to ensure customer satisfaction. With over thirty years of experience they provide a turnkey solution for all stamping parts needs. 

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