Trade Credit Insurance in Australia

Trade Credit Insurance in Australia is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. Trade Credit Insurance in Australia is a report about the market for trade credit cover in Australia. In addition to documenting the development of the market value from 2009 to 2013, the report also divides it for the most recent year between four key segments: between small companies with an annual turnover of less than USD 5 million and larger companies with a turnover above this threshold; between single-risk and annual policies; between export and domestic trade credit insurance; and between protection acquired for political risks and cover bought for business risks.

These unique market splits are based in part on a survey of leading brokers of trade credit insurance in Australia. This same survey also identifies the underwriters of this type of cover used by brokers on a regular basis, gives an input into estimates for the market shares of underwriters of trade credit insurance in Australia, provides a basis for commentary surrounding distribution channels used for this type of policy.

Key features of this report include:

- quantification of the market size for trade credit insurance in Australia: how much is the market worth, how has it developed since 2009 and how does it break down into key segments?

- presentation of the actual or estimated market shares of underwriters of trade credit insurance in 2013 based on both the broker survey and other available data sources, plus identification of leading brokers of this type of cover;

- audit of the frequency of usage of underwriters by major brokers of trade credit insurance in Australia: to what extent are competitors effectively challenging the main incumbent underwriters?

- forecasts for the market for trade credit insurance in Australia and how it will split between domestic and export trade credit cover: what is this sector likely to look like in 2017?

To view the table of contents and know more details please visit Trade Credit Insurance in Australia report.