Collaboration Economy- a book on strengths & weaknesses

24th March, 2014: now the days are gone, where businesses were ruled only by big entrepreneurs. Today anyone can become successful entrepreneur even with a small home based businesses just by collaborating with skilled and talented individuals. Modern economy entertains only those businesses that run with collaboration rather than information. To be on top position, entrepreneurs must understand this new concept of collaboration as it will rule the market in future. To know more about this innovative concept, read the most awaited book on modern economy strategies, Collaboration Economy. For more details, logon to

21st century businesses are no more limited to big entrepreneurs. Small businesses & home based business will have equal opportunities just as corporate sectors. To dominate the market, existing business owners must collaborate with right people who have the talent and skills. The upcoming book “Collaboration economy”, covers these points in depth with illustrative examples.

About Collaboration Economy

The much awaited book is going to be released on May 6th, 2014 which is written by John Spencer Ellis and Topher Morrison. This book mainly focuses on certain important topics like how to become successful entrepreneur, how to eliminate the competition by creating joint venture opportunities, etc. This book helps to explore individual strengths and weaknesses through various activities. This is a must read book as it covers some of the important points related to future economy and entrepreneurship with easy-to-apply strategies. By reading the book, anyone can become successful entrepreneur with limited investment. This book emphasizes the importance of collaboration with right and talented people. Experts strongly believe that this is one of the best and priceless books ever written on economy.

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