Titus Young's Lawyer Says That He Is Getting Better With Treatment

Football fanatics who are great fans of Titus Young, this could probably be one of your great news. The former Lions receiver known as Titus Young who had a bad start is now getting better with treatment. This was according to his lawyer who has currently handling his case since he was charged of various misconducts due to an alleged mental disorder.

It has been quite an unfortunate turn of events for Titus Young because his career had been unfortunately put to a halt as he was diagnosed with a mental disability which is the very main reason why he has been arrested multiple times before and is now in a treatment facility. 

His current developments: 

However, good news is right around the corner and this has been confirmed by his lawyer, Brian Hurwitz. In an interview with the USA today, he stated, “He’s getting better. We hope to know more about the legal case by June 19. But the most important thing right now is Titus’ health and his continued care. In the meantime, I am continuing to talk to the district attorney’s office and am preparing to either resolve the case or fight it.” 

For those who might not have a clear idea as to what has clearly happened to this NFL player, it was during the peak of his career when he faced various charges on the count of assault and burglary. This had been delayed for a couple of times already because he has been under constant treatment for his mental condition. Until then, the court awaits for him on June 19, 2014. 

There is nothing bleak about the future of this 24 year old player Titus Young. If anything, it has been deemed very hopeful. Should he be able to finally finish his treatment and be medically validated that he can go back to playing, then it would indeed become an inspiring comeback story for young. True, his mental breakdown may become a bottleneck for his career but there is nothing wrong with a man who had finally sought back to his A-game. 

Until then, Mr. Titus Young would have to settle to finishing his treatment and be compliant to whatever the court has in store for him. After all, it would be a very fulfilling and rewarding comeback for Young if he would have withstood all these challenges and would still come out unfazed. 

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