PLS Game Mall Explained Blade and Soul Loot Action Trade Buying Process for Avid Gamers


USA - PLS Game Mall, an online seller of MMORPG game items and power levelling essentials, recently explained the loot auction process for potential buyers who are specifically looking for Blade and Soul gold. The owners said that the loot auction process is the safest process that a potential buyer can follow to get the required amount of gold easily. During a press conference held at the company’s headquarters, one top executive said that it is the most recommended method for buying Blade and Soul gold.

“The process can typically be completed in about ten minutes and it is completely safe. To initiate the loot auction process, both the buyer and the trader need to press F8 on their computer keyboard to head straight into the dungeon room. One of our executives also enters the same room. We may also add a password to ensure full safety for the trader and the buyer”, said the executive.

“However, uses need to get in touch with our live customer support to get the password and the room number. Both the trader and the buyer need to kill some enemies. The auction required for the drops is called loot auction. After that, the buyer gets the BNS gold and the trader or the seller gets the looted stuff. This way, the buyer gets the exact amount of gold that he has paid for. The process is safe, simple and quite straightforward”, added the executive.

The CEO of the company also engaged in question and answer session with the local press. He said that the process of buying cheap BNS gold is detailed in the official blog section of website. “Our customer support executives are raring to help buyers who have a question or who are stuck somewhere in the middle of the buying process with the required technical guidance and knowledge”, said the CEO of the company. He even said that the company offers customer service over the phone and through Skype.

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